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Hristina Mircheva: "Cactus Andante"

In the desert of Peru grows a cactus with legs.
This plant from the Cactus family is the only highly developed flowering plant that has been noticed walking.
Cactus Andante is also known as “the crawling devil.” It has a snake-like body branching out in all directions.
The main root of the cactus dried up gradually. Therefore, it acquired extra roots. With the passing of the millennia its juicy leaves diminished and turned into growths, strewn with small, sharp and prickles hard as steel. With these it moves slowly, albeit constantly, evenly, and by the end it goes kilometers.
Even though they’re not too perfect, the cactus’ legs serve it well.
It happens that favorable winds start blowing, and the cactus, with the help of the wind, travels a long distance in a short time.
In order to endure the long and frequent journeys, the plant must feed. To avoid stopping and wasting time, it feeds on the way with water and mineral salts from the soil, feeds from the air and the sun.

Thus, this famous tropical plant representative has steadfastly faced all atmospheric changes that occurred at the end of the Mesozoic era and it managed to survive until present. 

 Author: Hristina Mircheva

Translated from the Bulgarian by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

Hristina Mircheva is a manager in an art gallery and a literary editor at Diaskop Comics (http://www.diaskop-comics.com/). She lives and writes in Plovdiv. 

Христина Мирчева, "Ел Кактус Анданте" в превод от български на английски на Катерина Стойкова-Клемър

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